#PortsmouthNext is a community mantra meant to promote and build interest for all the exciting investments and developments occurring in our great city. Community organizations from all around the City of Portsmouth are using this slogan when they take to social media. Building support and momentum in the community for development projects and initiatives is vitally important to the continued success of our community. It is our hope that every community member and organization in the area use #PortsmouthNext to promote their events, initiatives or development efforts.

PortsmouthNext is supported by a strong network of organizations throughout the community. These organizations, originally brought together through the efforts of Portsmouth’s participation in the America’s Best Communities competition, are continuing the great work started in that competition. Through the America’s Best Communities competition, Portsmouth was able to construct a community revitalization plan which focused on revitalizing the area’s riverfront. Expanding on those initial plans, various organizations have come together with a common purpose. Leveraging their individual resources, these organizations have shown that when we work together, our community can accomplish anything.

A River Community

Portsmouth, Ohio has a long tradition and history as river community. Nestled at the confluence of the Scioto and Ohio Rivers, Portsmouth is defined by its access to these two watercourses.

The Ohio River is a major industrial asset to the community. It enables quick and cost-effective freight transportation, offers access to markets up and down the Ohio and Mississippi River Valleys, and provides an abundant supply of fresh water which can be put to industrial and manufacturing purposes.

The Ohio River flowing between the Appalachian foothills makes a beautiful location perfect for recreational use. Increasing our access to this natural resource so that it can be better utilized recreationally is vitally important to our city.

We are committed to increasing our community’s access to the Ohio River, so that our community can continue to prosper.

Building Bridges toward a Better Tomorrow

The community revitalization plan focuses on the development of the area’s riverfront. We believe increasing access to the Ohio River will ensure our community will continue to prosper.

Community Revitalization Plan

Strategic Plan Site Analyses

2016 SOPA Annual Report

Financial and Strategic Partners

AEP (American Electric Power), Shawnee State University, Wagner Rental, Village of New Boston, City of Portsmouth, Fluor BWXT, Portsmouth CONNEX, Centrus Energy Corp., Dr. Martin at Scioto Smiles, the Scioto Foundation, Southern Ohio Port Authority, the Portsmouth Area Chamber of Commerce, Main Street Portsmouth, and the Scioto County Visitor’s Bureau

Stay up to date

Cool and Connected 1-5-17

The Southern Ohio Region has experienced many successes over the past several years and recently the City of Portsmouth added one more as the city will be participating in the federally funded Cool and Connected Program. Cool and Connected is a pilot program being administered by the United States Environmental Protection Agency, the United States Department of Agriculture and the Appalachian Regional Commission. This program is focused on providing planning assistance to communities who want to better utilize broadband infrastructure in their area’s development initiatives.

NEXT Update 11-30-16

The Southern Ohio Port Authority is preparing a grant application to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency requesting funds to assess brownfields in Portsmouth. Brownfields are usually former industrial or commercial properties that have known or suspected environmental concerns. If it is awarded, this $300,000 grant will fund property assessments, cleanup planning and community involvement activities that we hope will lead to redevelopment or revitalization opportunities. We are working hard to prepare a competitive application.

Our Partners

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